Tuesday September 16 , 2014

Domestic Beer

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Domestic Beers

Bud light,Miller lite,Coors lite,Budweiser,

Michelob ultra,Miller MGd,Miller MGD64,


schafer,schafer light,milwaukee's best ice,light,regular

miller hi life 
,natural light,natural ice


Busch regular and light,Bud Ice


Pabst Blue Ribbon


24 pk loose case deal:-

Bud,Bud light,Coors,Coors light,

Miller lite, Mgd,Mgd 64


Michelob Ultra     (ONLY:-$19.99) 

Corona and Corona light :-(ONLY $23.99)

New Castle,Heineiken and

Heineiken light


18 pk cans deals:-

Budweiser ,Bud light,Bud ice,miller lite,

Mgd,Mgd 64,Coors,Coors lite,Bud light lime


Natural light 18 pk cans :-$10.99

Michelob family 18 pk cans :-$14.99

Rolling Rock 18 pk can :-$12.49

Modelo Especial 18 pk can :-$15.99

12 pk L/N btls:-

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Rolling Rock 12 pk btls :-$9.99 

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Special/Limited Releases

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale
schlafly-pumpkin-ale_default $11.99/6pk
Samuel Adams Octoberfest



Featured Spirit



Beautiful golden amber color, pronounced agave nose, light, smoky-sweet agave with hints of caramel & oak flavors carry into the overall taste. I was pleasantly surprised on how smooth this tequila is with absolutely no alcohol burn whatsoever, making it a rival of many higher priced reposado's.

$17.99/ Bottle 


Manager's Wine Of The Month

Cabriz Dao 2009
 A very well structured muscular red, with a touch of wild plum & dried raspberry flavors. Compose of indigenous varietals such as Alfrocherio, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz, this LOVELY wine has ripe huckelberry aromas leading to a palate very pure and balanced. This is an excellent wine for the money !
$ 9.99